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Maybe you’re an established wedding photographer looking to book higher end clients, or you’ve just ventured into wedding photography and are wanting to ensure your success. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of getting into wedding photography, but the idea, although exciting, scares you a bit?

You are not alone, which is why I have created a free membership program for wedding photographers where we can learn together, get questions answered, and grow wedding photography businesses alongside others on the same journey!

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Over 70 FREE Photography Lessons

Regardless of where you are now and where you’d like to go with your wedding photography business, my free membership program has photography and business lessons that you will benefit from. Whether you struggle with marketing, want to know the best gear, need help with posing your wedding parties and couples, or want to know how to streamline the editing process, there are trainings that will benefit you.

Exclusive Member Resources

Along with my growing database of courses, you will also have access to my exclusive resources only available to members. I offer wedding questionnaires, sample wedding day timelines, and print-outs to help you to enhance and elevate your social media presence.

Members Only Community

Not only will you have access to my growing list of tutorials and resources, but you are also going to be welcomed into my online community of other photographers who are on the same journey as you! You will be able to ask questions or seek feedback from myself and our fellow group members have. Together we have hundreds of years of experience to share with one another in a safe, collaborative environment.

Your free membership is waiting! Join today to start growing your business with simple tutorials that are easy to understand, great resources, and a community of like-minded photographers to support you along the way! It is completely free and you can unsubscribe at any time! Discover what thousands of other photographers have already found beneficial to their business today!

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to your resource library!

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    Tools & Resources

    • Tools & Resources

    • Join the Facebook Group: Photography Education with Alina Thomas

    • My BEST business investment… and it only cost me $1

    • I would do THIS if I started my business from scratch…

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    • Store

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    • 3 Secret Posing Tips Every Photographer Needs to Know

    • One Foolproof Way to Improve Your Posing TODAY

    • 5 Bridal Poses in 60 Seconds or Less on Wedding Days

    • 3 Easy Tips for Posing the Bride on a Wedding Day

    • 5 Easy Tips for Posing the Groom on a Wedding Day

    • 3 Secrets for Posing Bridal Parties

  • 5

    Off Camera Flash (OCF)

    • How to Take Light and Airy Images with Flash

    • How to Soften the Light When Using Flash

    • How to Photograph a Wedding Sparkler Exit

  • 6

    Shooting Tips

    • How to Style Flat Lays: 3 Composition Rules for More Dynamic Images

    • How to Style Wedding Invitations Part 1

    • How to Style Wedding Invitations Part 2

    • 3 Secrets for Taking Sharp Ring Shots

    • 12 Ways to Photograph the Wedding Shoes by ONLY Touching Them Once

    • How to Style Wedding Details: 10 Tips for Better Flat Lay Images

    • One Easy Trick to Make Your Detail Shots Stand Out

    • How to Get Everyone in Focus During Group Photos

    • How to Photograph a Wedding in the Rain

    • Wedding Day Shot List for Photographers

    • Tips for Shooting Your First Wedding Part 1

    • Tips for Shooting Your First Wedding Part 2

  • 7

    Lighting Tips

    • How to Choose the Best Locations for Epic Portrait Sessions

    • How to Find the Best Light for Your Photos

    • How to Find and Use Natural Reflectors for Portraits

    • 3 Types of Light for Great Photos and How to Shoot in Them

    • When to Schedule Portrait Sessions for the Best Natural Light

    • 4 Tips for Using Natural Light

    • 3 Quick Tips for Shooting Wedding Ceremonies in Harsh Light

  • 8


    • How to Create Launch Images for Your Website

    • How to Create Scrolling Website Graphics in Photoshop

  • 9


    • Exact Lightroom Export Settings Every Photographer Should Know

    • 5 Hacks To Speed Up Your Editing Workflow

    • Easy Editing Tip for Better Flat Lays

    • How to Sync Your Photos in Lightroom

    • How to Deliver a FULL Wedding Gallery in Under a Week

    • One Simple Tip to Speed Up Your Workflow in Lightroom

    • How I Cut My Editing Workflow Time in Half Using this Simple Tool

    • How to Speed Up Your Workflow in Lightroom

    • How to Create Your Own Presets in Lightroom Mobile

    • How to Achieve a Consistent Editing Style in Every Season

    • 5 Tips for a Faster Editing Workflow

    • Make Every Photo Pop with Vibrance with These Lightroom Tricks

  • 10


    • My Photography Gear

    • How to Use Macro Filters to Take Amazing Ring Shots

    • How to Take BTS Videos Without an Assistant

    • The Trick I Use to Get Sharper Images in Camera

    • How to Back Up Your Camera Settings Using Save/Load

    • 3 Easy Ways You Can Create Styling Boards for Photographers

    • 3 Reasons Why I Switched to Back Button Focus

    • The Only 4 Lenses You Need to Photograph a Wedding

    • My Wedding Day Gear Checklist

    • My Wedding Day Styling Kit

    • My Favorite Makeup Products for Long Wedding Days

    • My Top Business Books

    • How You Can Make Styling Boards for Photographers in Under 5 Minutes

    • 4 Must-Have Lenses for Wedding Photography (Updated List)

    • 5 Amazon Products You Didn't Know You Needed

    • How to Add Copyright Information to the Metadata of Your Photos

    • 3 Tips for Flying with Your Camera Gear

    • 5 Must-Have Camera Accessories for Wedding Photographers

    • How to Make Your Memory Cards Last Longer

    • Nikon Camera Settings You Didn’t Know About

  • 11


    • 9 Instagram Captions to Showcase Each Wedding

    • Your Copy/Paste Instagram Caption #1

    • Your Copy/Paste Instagram Caption #2

    • How to Create a Custom GIF with Your iPhone

    • 5 Social Media Content Ideas for Photographers

    • How I Schedule 30 Days Worth of Photos for Social Media in 30 Minutes

    • 3 Step Instagram Reel Tutorial for Photographers

    • How to Choose the Right Instagram Hashtags

    • The Easiest Way to Add Hashtags to a Post

    • How to Use Instagram Highlights to Showcase Your Work

    • 3 Things You Need in Your Instagram Bio

    • 3 Pro Tips to Speed Up Your Social Media Workflow

    • How to Write an Impactful Instagram Bio for Your Business

    • Instagram Bio Ideas: 5 Tips For Creating An Attractive Instagram Bio

    • What to Post on Instagram Stories Daily

  • 12

    Wedding Albums

    • How to Take Your Album Design Approach to the Next Level

    • How to Sell Wedding Albums to Every Client

  • 13


    • Pinterest Strategy: How to Pin Hidden Images from Your Blog

  • 14


    • HoneyBook Review: My Pre-Wedding Workflow Step-By-Step

    • My HoneyBook Workflow After Each Wedding I Photograph

    • How to Manage Client Expectations with HoneyBook Timelines

    • New HoneyBook Flows Feature

    • Honeybook for $1 - Best. Price. Ever.

    • HoneyBook Smart Files: What They Are and How to Use Them

  • 15


    • 3 Things You Should Include in Your Photography Contract

    • How I Store My Social Media Captions in Trello

    • What I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Out As a Photographer

    • My Pre-Wedding Routine

    • How to Create a Wedding Day Timeline that Works

    • How to Batch a Month's Worth of Blog Posts in One Week

    • 11 Blog Post Ideas For Your Slow Season

    • 8 Things You Need to Do During a Wedding Consultation

    • How I Track My Business Mileage for Tax Season

    • Why I Implement Questionnaires in My Wedding Workflow

    • How to Avoid Conflicting Schedules with Your Clients

    • 9 Easy Ways to Repurpose Client Testimonials

    • How to Put Together an End of Year Blog Post

    • One Easy Way to Repurpose Your Blog Post Images for Social Media

    • One Unexpected Way to Use client Testimonials

    • The Secret to Getting Things Done Fast

    • Should you include a free engagement session with your wedding collections?

    • 3 Things You Need in Your Photography Business Workflow

  • 16


    • My Secret Hack to Creating Vendor Relationships

    • How to Grow Your Photography Business Fast (It's Not What You Think!)

    • How to Promote Your Business on Social Media During the Holidays

    • How to Attract More Clients in Less Time

    • How to Fully Book Your Calendar with Mini Sessions

    • 3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

    • How to Become a Preferred Wedding Vendor

    • How to Turn 1 Wedding (or Session) into 5 Different Social Media Posts

    • How to Create Your "Onlyness" Pitch

    • How to Add a Messenger Chat Box to Your Website

    • How to Build a Diverse Photography Portfolio When You’re Starting Out

    • 3 Lessons I Learned from Redesigning My Website

    • How to Relocate Your Photography Business to a New Location

    • 10 Scroll-Stopping Hooks You Need in Your Instagram Captions

    • How to Decide which Images to Post on the Blog vs Instagram

  • 17

    Client / Photography Gifts

    • How to Create an Amazing Client Experience

    • The First Thing I Started to Outsource in My Business

    • My Favorite Amazon Purchases 

    • 6 Amazon Gift Ideas for Photographers (Under $20)

    • Greetabl Promo Code | Favorite Gifts

  • 18


    • How to Overcome Self-Doubt in Your Photography Business

    • How to Become More Productive

  • 19


    • How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

    • 3 Mistakes Photographers Make that Hurt SEO (and how to avoid them)

    • How to Start Showing Up in Google (TODAY!)

    • Top 3 Tips for Writing Successful Photography Blog Posts

  • 20


    • How to Attract New Clients with Blogging

    • My Secret Hack for Writing Blog Posts Quickly

    • 3 Tips for Writing Blog Posts in 30 Minutes or Less

    • How to Use BlogStomp for Wedding Photographers

  • 21

    2023 Posts

    • Amazon Prime Day Deals for Photographers

    • How to Take Light and Airy Images in Camera

    • Nikon D850 Recommended Settings

    • How to Get the Right Exposure in Camera

    • Best Tips for Stunning Getting Ready Photos

    • Amazon Favorites for Photographers

    • Free Captions for Photographers

    • 5 Books to Kickstart the New Year

    • Social Media Calendar for Photographers and Wedding Pros

    • Wedding Day Planner Template for Wedding Photographers

    • 3 Tips to EASILY Create Social Media Content

    • Christmas Gifts for Photographers

    • Social Media Engagement Posts for Photographers

    • Mini Sessions Canva Templates

    • How to Promote Your Business on Social Media During the Holidays

    • Great Gifts for Photographers

  • 22


    • Imagen AI Editing Profile | Get 2,000 Free Credits

    • ImagenAI Review: Is This AI Editing Tool Worth It?

    • Imagen AI vs Presets

    • What is Imagen AI + 2,000 FREE Edits

    • NEW Imagen AI Profile: Bright & Clean AI Edits

  • 23

    2024 Posts

    • How to Use HoneyBook in 2024

    • NEW HoneyBook Scheduling Tool for Photographers

    • Best Tools & Resources for Running a Photography Business

    • How to Create Dramatic Black & White Photos in 3 Easy Steps

    • Best Business Books

    • Social Media Engagement Posts for Photographers

    • What is HoneyBook?

    • MyMind App: The New AI Tool to Organize Your Creative Mess

    • Wedding Photography Contracts You Must Have for Your Business

    • How to Take Light and Airy Photos on Cloudy Days

    • Light and Airy Photography 101

    • These 5 things are bringing me JOY

    • Caption Collective

  • 24

    Downloadable Resources

    • PDF How to Install the PIN Button to Your Web Browser

    • Sample Wedding Day Timeline with a First Look

    • Sample Wedding Day Timeline without a First Look

    • Client RAW File Response

    • How to Automatically Deliver a Free Resource to Your Clients

    • Social Media Captions for Photographers

    • Wedding Questionnaire Bundle for Photographers

  • 25

    Email Templates

    • How to Create a Freebie for Your Website Step-by-Step

    • Free Email Templates for Wedding Photographers


I am Alina Thomas, and I’m a wedding photographer and educator based in Northern Virginia. With a background in mathematics and computer science, I like to break even the most complex strategies into small, easy to understand and implement steps. I’m passionate about helping other photographers grow thriving businesses that give them freedom and joy. Whether you want to level up your photography business, or start posing without drawing embarrassing blanks during a shoot, I’m excited to meet you!

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