The Bright & Clean Desktop Preset Collection

Why spend hours editing each image from scratch when you can edit your photos in just a few simple clicks? The Bright & Clean Presets were designed to be used in conjunction with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, Lightroom 6, and Adobe Camera RAW. Please make sure that you have one of these versions installed on your desktop before purchasing. Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds for your purchase.

The Bright & Clean Desktop Preset Collection Includes:

  • 10 custom presets that work with different lighting scenarios to give you the same consistent editing style in every situation

  • A 25 min video tutorial so you can learn how to edit your photos quickly and make your work look cohesive, consistent and beautiful

  • Helpful installation guides with detailed instructions on how to download and install your presets in Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom 6

  • Two editing tutorial guides with bonus RAW files so you can learn how to create a strong baseline for a consistent editing style

  • A troubleshooting guide with your most common questions already answered

  • Continuous support and weekly photography tips delivered directly to your inbox you can become a better photographer

  • Access to our private Facebook group for photographers so you can get ALL of your questions answered

What photographers are saying:

My images pop with color and vibrance!

Marianna Limon Photography

"I have been a photographer for over six years, and in the six years I have collected a lot of presets, but my ultimate favorite are definitely the Bright & Clean Presets, I always keep coming back to them. I love that they make my images pop with color and vibrance but are not overly heavy and they help to keep my images bright and clean. Which is the look I'm going for. I would definitely recommend these presets to everyone."

One CLICK wonder!

Bessie Black Photography

"One CLICK wonder!🌟The Bright & Clean Presets have Light & Airy at your finger tips. These examples are proof of one click and BOOM. A few hand edits could be done in a matter of seconds to achieve your personal style!! Add a little adjustment here or there, sync 'em up and you are done!"

Can’t go wrong with these presets!

Taylor B. Photography

"I love these presets! I have been looking for something like this for a while, and after comparing lots of options, these were my favorite. I had been trying so hard to get the bright and clean look on my own, but these presets are so much better. They are bright and natural like I was aiming for, and give my work a much more consistent look! Can’t go wrong with these presets and Alina is so helpful if you need any help!"